GammaSens is an intra-surgical gamma radiation detection device which provides exceptional precision and ease of use to assist the lymph node and/or tumor localization. It is commonly used for sentinel lymph node detection. Our new system breaks the current paradigm of this device by integrating the sensor and control unit. Its main characteristics are:

  • Significantly reduced size and weight.
  • Rechargeable battery based
  • _Typical autonomy of 7 hours
    _Standard micro USB charger

  • 2.4’’ touchscreen incorporated display
  • Wide energy range: 60 to 700 keV
  • Digital and analog display indication
  • _Automatic analog ranges of 1000, 5000 and 20000 CPS

  • Two different types of sound indication:
  • _Pulsed for measurements less than 200 CPS
    _A continuous tone of variable frequency for measurements over 200 CPS

  • Visualization of the energy spectrum in order to adjust the isotope’s energy window
  • Possibility of rotating the display
  • 10 seconds count feature
  • Modern design & ease of use