AGo anywhere

With Oasis, you are no longer bound to a particular camera workstation. Oasis gives you complete functionality to process or review all NM scans regardless of camera vendor, using a suitable PC with secure access to the departmental server.


Oasis automatically scales its functionality to the expert level of the user based on logon credentials. Oasis provides its full flexibility to expert users and limits the available functionality to the occasional user, keeping the system simple enough for those users and avoiding misinterpretations due to operator error. Oasis utilizes the latest user interface concepts from Microsoft Vista® which dramatically contributes to the look and feel as well as ease of use.


Obsolesence protection to the future regardless of changes in instrumentation. Oasis is the first system of its kind that provides you a completely expandable application delivery architecture no matter what the future may hold.

Efficient architecture

The Oasis Client/Server architecture provides an efficient infrastructure for data and application management. The Oasis data architecture is very much like a PACS system as it deploys a redundant central database for all NM data. Oasis is fully DICOM compliant and integrates non-DICOM compliant sources through an optional GateWay system.

Clinically superior

Segami is strongly rooted in the nuclear medicine field and employs talented individuals with clinical expertise within all levels of the organization. Users experience this clinical touch throughout the Oasis applications—an aspect often lacking in other software designed by computer engineers.