Nuclear Cardiology in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, most nuclear cameras are still relying on Sodium Iodide crystals and vacuum tubes. Spectrum Dynamics Medical changed all that several years ago with the introduction of the first clinical Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based nuclear cardiac imaging system, the D-SPECT.®

The D-SPECT broke all the old paradigms with regards to nuclear imaging:

  • New patient handling system offering unparalleled flexibility for technically challenging
  • Modern gantry designed from the ground up for simplicity and reliability
  • Innovative proprietary reconstruction algorithm that dramatically improves image quality
  • Nine columns of CZT detectors with Tungsten collimators that open the door to new clinical applications

This unique hardware and reconstruction software enables what many industry experts said was not possible in SPECT…

  • Gated SPECT acquisitions completed with no gantry motions in a couple of minutes*
  • Dose reductions to a fraction of where they are today
  • Exceptional image resolution and quality
  • Detector sensitivity up to ten times that of conventional cameras bringing Spectrum Dynamics Medical to the “holy grail” of nuclear cardiology – quantitation of coronary blood flow

*Actual scan times can vary based on Injected Dose, BMI and acquisition parameters.