System encapsulating 99mTcO4Na

The Technegas is an ultrafine carbon particles dispersion system encapsulating 99mTcO4Na, produced by heating to a temperature of 2750 degrees Celsius.

The pseudo gas produced contains nano particles of pure carbon with hexagonal shape and approximate size of 35 nm that encapsulate technetium metal crystals.

Their small size and the fact that these nano particles are hydrophobic, make them the ideal agent to obtain functional images of pulmonary ventilation.

Su pequeño tamaño y el hecho de que estas nano partículas sean hidrofóbicas, las convierten en el agente ideal para obtener imágenes funcionales de la ventilación pulmonar.


Among the most important advantages:

  • The gas needs to be inhaled for only 2-3 times.
  • It can be supplied to patients in any state, even unconscious or neonates.
  • The Technegas stays inside the alveoli allowing images to be obtained in Spect without difficulty.
  • As the particles are so small, they diffuse into the alveoli, allowing an excellent image of the pulmonary periphery.
  • It has no contraindications.


Added benefits of using Technegas:

  • Proven diagnostic accuracy: Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy at least the equivalent of CTPA giving the clinician interpretive confidence first time, every time.
  • Non-invasive. Aids patient comfort and compliance
  • Detects PE. Even at the subsegmental levels
  • Low radiation burden to the patient. In compliance with ALARA principles and FDA recommendation, Technegas is the right exam, for the right reason, at the right time.
  • A true ‘screening’ test. A true screening test should have universal application and minimal exclusion criteria. Technegas may be administered to almost all patients including those who are:

-> Comatose

-> Allergic to iodinated contrast

-> Renally compromised

-> Claustrophobic

-> Diabetics on Metformin

-> On long term anticoagulants

-> Critically ill

-> Receiving ventilatory support

-> Suffered from M.I.

-> Female under 45


For The Clinician

  • Quick, reliable administration of Technegas, available around the clock Rapid Results At Your Convenience
  • Gas like behaviour of Technegas coupled with the ideal energy of Tc-99m
    Excellent Penetration To Peripheral Areas
  • Images may be acquired in multiple projections
    Improved Identification Of Mismatching Defects
  • Long residence time and absence of redistribution enables acquisition of high quality SPECT images
    Reduces Reported Indeterminate Scans To Less Than 5%
  • Minimal radiation burden for the patient
    May reduce radiation induced sequellae

For The Technologist

  • Quick and simple automated procedure
    Frees Up Your Preparation Time
  • Rapid and easy administration (2-3 breaths suffice for most patients)
    Rapid Results, Kinder To Your Patient Improved patient compliance
  • Reduced radiation exposure to operator and to patient
    Better environment
  • Minimal camera time required
    Enhances Your Camera Time Management
  • Flexible solution to your needs
    Easy To Fit In With Departmental Scheduling
  • Exceptional image quality
    Facilitates image interpretation